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driving lessons in the wirral
Be coached to pass your test faster and be a safer driver in and around The Wirral.

Automatic driving lessons in Heswall, Wirral

The thought of spending months and months learning to drive can be off-putting. You may lack self-confidence or simply want to get it done as fast as possible.

Learning to drive in an automatic car will help you to pass a minimum of 10 hours faster than learning in a manual without having to worry about learning to change gears.

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Help passing your theory

Gain your independence quicker

Pass your test quicker and safer

The automatic driving lessons plan

Helping ambitious learners get test ready at a pace that suits them so they can gain their independence without worrying about the gears.

Stage 1

Set up as a learner driver

Getting you ready for your practical has a few important steps we can talk you through making sure nothing holds you back.

  • Get your provisional license
  • Book driving lessons
  • Prepare for your theory
Stage 2

Automatic driving lessons

Time to get in the driver seat and start learning to drive so we can build your confidence.

  • Master the car
  • Pass theory test
  • Driver development
Stage 3

Driving test day

To make sure you are as calm and confident as possible we do a number of things to get you test ready on the day.

  • 1 hour confidence lesson
  • Drive to the test
  • Pass your test

Start learning ASAP

What do you get when you learn to drive with us?

  • Coaching not teaching
  • Friendly, qualified instructor
  • Prepaid lessons discount
  • Out of hours lessons
  • Weekend lessons
  • Semi-intensive courses
  • No clutch, no gears
  • Learn on average a minimum of 10 hours quicker
  • Test ready in 25 hours (avg. target)
"An automatic car that doesn’t stop giving! It gives you so much confidence in the early stages and speeds up the learning process"

Gain your driving freedom like these...

  • Kia

  • Otaya

  • Kim

  • Esmerelda

Driving lesson areas and prices in The Wirral

You can take single lessons of 1.5 hours and 2 hours. We give automatic driving lessons in the following areas:









West Kirby






West Kirby

Pay as you go

Pay for your lesson on the day it happens. Use this option when you just want to pay for one or two hours at a time.


£70 for 90 mins
£94 for 2 hours

Weekend & bank holidays

You don’t have to learn in the week, Im more than happy to help you get driving on the weekends for a little bit more.


£75 for 90 mins
£100 for 2 hours

Test Day

On your test day you will get an hour lesson before, the use of the car to during your test and get dropped home again.


£132 for weekends
£112 Weekdays

Get started

Pass your driving test and become the best driver you can be

Kevin Go4Auto

Talk With Kevin

Get a call back about getting started with Kevin. We are based in Heswall, Wirral and cover surrounding areas.

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Don't be afraid to ask

Not everyone knows much about learning to drive an automatic. We have compiled a list of the most common questions we get asked.

Yes, we do offer intensive driving courses. These can be anything from one week upwards. Undertaking an intensive course will depend on several factors, such as previous experience and whether you have passed your theory test. If you want to go ahead, we will arrange a two hour driving assessment and advise you of your best route to test.

Kevin, our instructor, has lots of experience and specialises in helping nervous pupils. He will be patient and understanding to allow you to build your confidence in every stage of your development.

Instructing has its place, in many ways restrictive. It involves relaying information in a specific way for someone to remember and practice in that particular way.  Maybe in a way you don’t grasp, see, or hear, it certainly doesn’t leave room to think for yourself or work out an answer that may deviate from how you’ve been taught.

coaching encourages students to think for themselves,It nurtures natural problem-solving abilities that enable you to react correctly and responsibly should any unpredicted situation arise, focusing on prevention,
and protecting you & other road users when you’re driving – supporting the transition to independent driving.

Coaching brings out the best version of you!
Hopefully 🤞 this helps.

Ideally, the test centre closest to your home/office should be used. Another option is to check availability in other local test centres that match your readiness to pass.
You’ll require additional lessons in that chosen area. Lesson times may increase depending on location.

Kevin is your DVSA-approved auto instructor. He has passed rigorous standards checks with A grade, training with Tri coaching Betec 3/4 and continuing professional development CPD.

Kevin is friendly,reliable, independent, and local to your area.

You’ll have Kevin’s full attention for the entirety of your course, and be taught on a one-on-one basis.

Do you have a question that we haven’t answered? Don’t be afraid to ask! Give us a call on 07887 500 047 or send us a message.

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